Aluline Range


The Aluline range was launched in 2011 and sought to solve 2 neglected issues.

  • The safety and performance limitations that traditional steel products provide users.
  • The vast cost difference between premium Aluminium systems and budget steel products.

Our first foray into custom aluminium extrusions for sports products dates back to the 1990’s when we launched the first aluminium safety Soccer goals to the South Pacific. These systems are still used in many A-League stadiums today. We also introduced the first hinged aluminium Rugby goals for the NSW Warratahs, and in League, the Melbourne Storm kicked off in their Olympic Park home ground in 1998 with aluminium posts. However as time progressed we have expanded this range, and now have an aluminium solution for almost every sport.

Working with Aluminium is a challenge, and something not widely understood down under with our steel heritage. Our expertise over the last 2 decades is combined with that of our partners from around the world who have worked with aluminium systems for up to 50 years. Most of our systems use custom profiles, specifically designed for sport as we found off the shelf products just didn’t cut the grade.

We use welded components instead of cast, as although cast products are cheaper all around the world cast components have consistently failed and been a safety issue for users. We prefer to use welded connections where possible for longer life and safety.

Aluline products are designed to be easy to use, and to last many years. They are of course non-rust, light and easy to handle – all key advantages of aluminium.

Aluminium has for many years been the material of choice in other areas of the world such as Europe and the USA. We have been staunch advocates for many years locally, and simply aim to introduce down under a better way of doing things with a material that has been proved globally for many years.


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