Death prevention with wall padding
April 18, 2013

 As outlined in the ABC news report below, a terrible tragedy occurred in SA recently when a young soccer player died after a heavy impact with a wall while playing sport in a school gymnasium.

Horrible incidents such as these however can be reduced by greater planning to facilitate a duty of care, and installing wall padding.

Internationally, wall pads are considered essential items, and are designed and tested to meet stringent criteria to protect facility users. However in the Pacific, wall pads are generally an after thought and there are no local standards to govern the quality of the products being supplied.

RMA strongly believes in ensuring the products we supply meet international standards, and as such provide protection that meets the stringent ASTM F2440-04 standard. Fire retardant pads are also available and strongly recommended to aid compliance to Australian Building Codes.



ABCUpdated April 18, 2013, 5:52 am


A 17-year-old girl has died from injuries she sustained during an indoor soccer game at a school in Adelaide's eastern suburbs.

The Education Department says the teenager tripped and made "heavy contact" with a wall at the Kensington Centre special needs school last Thursday afternoon.

She was taken to hospital after being given first aid by school staff and ambulance officers, but her injuries were fatal.

In a statement, her parents say their daughter loved her school, teachers and friends and enjoyed being a part of the "wonderful school community at Kensington".

The department says it will investigate the incident and has informed police and SafeWork SA.

It says the parents of other students at the centre have been provided with information on counselling support available for their children.


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