SimpleFan Launched
April 26, 2016

A new member of the family if HVLS fans has been launched in the Big SimpleFan.

This new addition is a more basic large scale fan, and designed to offer a more cost effective alternative again to the innovative SmartFan.

By removing some of the advanced features of the SmartFan such as the Variable Pitch Technology (VPT) and the Rotatair composite blades and replacing them with more cost effective extruded aluminium, the SimpleFan is a more basic system at a lower price.

The systems are larger than the SmartFan, and while this does not necessarily make them more effective, however it does offer confort for those looking for a large scale solution to their air movement solutions.



For enquiries, call 02 9484 1120


PO Box 386, Beecroft NSW 2119, Australia