RMA can on special request supply a number of specialty curtains.

Whilst we recommend the normal Essentials and Stadia models which will be ideal in 95% of installations, from time to time other alternatives may be required which we would be happy to assist with.

Please contact us for more information.

Walk Draw Curtain

For facilities on a budget, old style walk draw curtains offer a cost effective option to separate courts. These curtains still use the same vinyl as ...

Indoor Batting Cage

Our indoor batting cage system is an innovative solution ideal for sports like Cricket and Baseball where an indoor practice facility is required....

Radius Curtains

Radius folding curtains as the name suggest follow contours of for example an indoor training track, keeping balls on the court and runners out! PDF...

Apex Fold Curtains

For facilities where there is a low apex style roof, these curtains may be a solution without lowering the vertical clearance in the middle of the...

Top Roll Curtain

Ideal for facilities with enclosed ceilings. A Top Roll system as the name suggests rolls from the top and compactly stores in the ceiling space. RMA ...


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