Big Smart Fans!

RMA is pleased to be able to facilitate the second generation of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans in Australia with our new Big Smart Fans.

HVLS technology has been around since the 1990’s, and the original technology is little more than a supersized version of the old fashioned roof fan that have been installed in housed for decades.

The advantages of increased air movement are well known. A flow of air against the skin provides immediate comfort and relief in hot and humid conditions and reduces heat stress at the same time. We seek out a cooling breeze outdoors when we get hot, and these HVLS fans re-create this inside.

The latest generation “Big Smart Fans” are taking this older concept to a whole new level with advanced features such as…

  • Variable Pitch Technology - The only HVLS fans in the world to allow you to change the angle of the blade to direct the flow of the air column
  • Composite Blade Technology – specifically designed to move air both up and down, the arms are shaped to reduce turbulence and maximise air flow along the entire length of the arm as opposed to older style extruded aluminium fins.
  • Reduced Footprint – with the increased aerodynamic efficiency of the composite blades, and the variable pitch technology, the latest generation of Big Smart Fan is able to produce greater air movement than the older systems, but with a smaller blade size and system footprint. This helps minimise interference with light and other roof mounted systems.
  • Automated Operation – built in sensors in the patented Smart controllers allow you to automatically run the fan when needed, and not when it’s not to minimise operating costs.

The “Big Smart Fans” are ideal for Australasian conditions where temperatures in buildings rise above 30 degrees. Thanks to the massive amount of air them move every hour, these systems greatly increase the comfort in the hall, replace humid air with fresh, and increase the efficiency of any heating or cooling system used to lower operating costs.

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