RMA is committed to our products for the long haul, and uniquely in this region, we offer specialised maintenance and service options for our clients, and can also assist with older facilities with other products as well who might be looking to bring their equipment up to speed.

All equipment needs servicing over time. You car does. Your air conditioner, pool, and even screws in cabinetry and seating needs to be tended to in time.  Virtually every piece of equipment or machinery needs to be checked over time to make sure it is safe, and functioning as well as it should.

Sports equipment is no different, and indeed having significant structures overhead such as Basketball towers or dividing curtains that weigh several hundred kilograms certainly should demand some attention to ensure they are safe, and in the same condition as they were when they were installed. The same applies to outdoor systems and nuts, bolts and cables should all be checked for signs of wear over the years.

RMA can help with either ongoing maintenance arrangements made at the time of your original order, or retrospective agreements that will see our highly trained technicians come in once or even twice a year, or as required to ensure all is working well.

We encourage you to take up this service to not only prolong the life of your systems, but to also ensure optimal safety for your facility.