Net Games Posts

Multisport Posts

While RMA can supply sport specific posts (ie: Badminton and Volleyball) and provide international certification on some models, for most facilities, we recommend Multisport posts.

Multisport posts are capable of being used for multiple sports, and a single set of Posts replace the need for separate Volleyball, Badminton, Newcombeball and Tennis posts – and any other sport in between. This represents not only a saving on the cost of the posts themselves, but also the requirement for storage, and any storage trolley.

Being aluminium, the systems are light and easy to handle for all users, staff and school students, and well within OHS regulations which steel posts can not meet.

Advanced features such as soft end caps limit damage to the floor that typically happens with heavy steel systems.

Note: None of the post systems supplied by RMA utilise dangerous ratchet winches.

Product Range

Mobile Tennis Posts

Mobile tennis net post system for multi purpose fields. Suppled complete with net, these systems have been designed with a height stamp to lift the wheels off the surface to immobilise while in play, and better distribute the weight of...

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Essentials Tennis Posts

Standard steel Tennis net posts with black powder coated finish. These posts are also hot dip galvanised prior to their final finish for ultimate rust resistance, and feature an easy to use external Tennis net winder with removable handle as standard....

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Aluline Tennis Posts

Non-rust, low maintenance aluminium system with a stainless steel internal winder and removable handle. Supplied complete with sleeves and caps. The winder in this post is a linear system and is hidden completely inside the upright so when you have tensioned the...

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Stadia Tennis Posts

Traditional heavy duty steel posts for top level competition. This system incorporates an internal drum winder system, and has rollers in the top for an over the top net path. The posts are finished with a black powder coat, and have...

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Essentials Multisport Posts

A cost effective solution for outdoor Games Post, this multisport system is made to be flexible and easy to handle. Made from the low mass Aluline extrusion specifically engineered for used in Sports Equipment, the posts are light and easy...

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Aluline Multisport Systems

Based on the Stadia product, the Aluline system offers similar function at a reduced price. Slightly heavier than the Stadia system at 12 kg, this post is still half the weight of steel posts and can easily be operated from...

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Stadia Systems

Weighing in at only 11 kg, this post system is the ultimate in ease of handling. The sliding rail system is easily operated from the ground by all staff thanks to the simple to use locking cam mechanism. Rather than...

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Badminton Posts

Chose from our range of Badminton posts, including sleeved, bolt down and international level freestanding systems.

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Senoh Volleyball

Senoh are the renowned official suppliers of the top level FIVB certified Volleyball posts, and through their long term partnership with the international federation have a proud history in supplying all the Olympic Games and major events from as far...

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