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Pulastic Sports & Multipurpose Flooring Systems

RMA facilitates a range of surfacing systems including budget vinyl and rubberised product, however for durability and life cycle cost benefit, we recommend Pulastic.

Pulastic flooring is largely made up of recycled car tyres, with the synthetic component being solvent free with a water based top coat.  This sustainable flooring is an excellent step to helping our environment.  Manufactured by a company registered with the ISO 9001 quality standard organization and ISO 14001 for environmental care.  Pulastic is suitable for all types of facilities whether they be for sports usage or multipurpose.  Pulastic is the perfect flooring for schools as it is safe, durable and requires low maintenance.  The most popular Pulastic systems are listed below, if you would like to know which is the right system to suit your needs please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Pulastic systems are certified by FIBA for international level Basketball, the FIVB for elite Volleyball, BWF for Badminton and many other sports as well.

With a comprehensive range of colour options available, making a statement is only restricted by imagination. Get a better idea by downloading THE ART OF PULASTIC.


Pulastic ZS – Multi-Purpose sports surface

Pulastic ZS is an indoor cushioned synthetic floor for sports halls and recreational sports.  Pulastic ZS is a cost effective, durable, high quality floor covering for sports halls which are used for a wide variety of indoor sports. This type of sports flooring system is specially developed to bring comfort and safety in sports, combined with good multifunctional characteristics and very low maintenance requirements.

Pulastic Zs - Multipurpose sports surface

Pulastic 2000 – Hi-Impact, Multi-Purpose sports surface

Pulastic 2000 is an indoor cushioned synthetic floor for multi-purpose usage in a variety of applications. Pulastic 2000 is a cost effective durable high quality floor covering for sports halls and gymnasiums, which are used for a wide variety of indoor sports as well as for multi-functional purposes. The Pulastic 2000 sports flooring system is specially developed to bring comfort and safety in sports combined with a very high level of multi-functional characteristics and very low maintenance requirements.

 hardy, high-impact multipurpose flooring system.

Pulastic FA – Hi-Impact, Multi-Purpose (suitable for Roller Sports)

The high performance seamless surface of Pulastic FA offers a high mechanical strength; due to the high surface hardness this system can withstand hi-impact and high mechanical loads, making it possible to include such activities as roller hockey and wheel chair sports.

 Pulastic FA

Pulastic Combi – An Elite Sports/Multi-functional surface

“The best of both worlds” The combination of point and area elasticity gives players an optimal sports surface. This system will give high levels of comfort and cushioning. Users with higher body weight will also experience added levels of comfort from the added ‘spring’ given by the Combi system.

 Pulastic Combi

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