Basketball Post Padding

A basketball pole pad offers protection and safety—get your post padding from an elite sporting company

Increase player safety with basketball post padding.

A basketball pole pad is an essential item that reduces the chance of injury if basketball players make contact with the post. Adding post padding protection to a basketball pole is generally easy. At RMA Sport, we supply a range of basketball post padding to suit your needs.

What Sets Us Apart

At RMA Sport, we provide the best in sporting equipment and flooring systems to a wide variety of clubs, facilities, and schools. Through our excellent customer service and product range, we offer the following benefits.

  • Maintenance Options:
    • Maintaining your sports products and facilities is an essential way to ensure they last. We offer ongoing maintenance and service options for clients. We also assist with older sports facilities and professionals who want to upgrade their equipment.
  • Products for a Variety of Needs:
    • We have a unique approach to sports equipment and cover a wide variety of sports across the Pacific. We provide an assortment of product options to suit your sporting needs and budget. With innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions, we provide a functional and high-quality product for those who are budget-conscious but still want to prioritise quality.
  • Internationally-Approved Products:
    • Our scope of products includes internationally-approved flooring and equipment should this be a requirement for your facilities.

RMA provides quality sports equipment, cost-effective options, and products that will withstand impact and heavy-duty play.

Tips Regarding Basketball Post Padding

A basketball pole pad is designed to provide an additional layer of safety to players and reduce the danger of an impact with the post. Tips on selecting post padding protection include considering these factors.

  • Correct size
    • A ill-fitting pad is likely to sag and not remain secured to the post, making it less useful for protection purposes. Selecting the right size pad and fitting it correctly to the post will help to ensure its protection benefits hold up.
  • Weatherproof padding
    • It is essential to select a pad that offers waterproof protection for your outdoor sport needs. This feature helps to prevent degradation of the inner padding and prolongs the life of the basketball post pad. Pads that you intend to leave in direct sunlight for prolonged periods should be UV resistant.
  • Colour
    • Although it may seem like an unimportant feature, a brightly-coloured pad will stand out and be more noticeable than one that blends into its surroundings. A bright colour will help players to be aware of where the pole is located, which may help to prevent collisions. With RMA Sport’s range of padding options, you can find one to suit your club colours.
Basketball Post Padding by RMA Sport

What You Stand to Lose

We manufacture all our sports equipment and product options to a high standard and support our offerings with friendly and experienced customer service. Enjoy a wide selection of equipment suitable for any sport from RMA.

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