Soccer is a right of passage around the world. Watch the next generation of stars develop their talents on your field.

In the late 1990s, RMA Sport pioneered the introduction of aluminum football goals in the South Pacific, revolutionizing goalposts with the V1.0 safety goal.

Our Aluline goals are made from a custom non-rust aluminum extrusion with an effective wall thickness of up to 15 mm, making them stronger and safer than standard aluminum profiles. The unique design allows for recessed net hooks, removing any danger of injury to players or passersby.

RMA Sport continues to innovate in this field, working with global partners to improve products and recently releasing a FIFA-certified goal in 2023.

Product Range

FIFA Box Style

Second generation soccer goals from RMA–improving on the original ’90s design, and still replicated by others. As seen in A-league venues for over a decade.

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Multisport Goals

International competition Futsal goals, ideal for multiple sports like indoor Hockey or Handball. 80 mm custom aluminium frame, with folding sides and ground frame for optimal ball retention.

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P Club Goal

The first goal in the South Pacific to feature a custom aluminium extrusion and safety net hooks—the staple goal for clubs and schools.

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Combination Goals

Combination Rugby/’Soccer’ goal. Complete with P frame net support.

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