Basketball Systems Australia

Install the best basketball system for your home, school, park or arena with the help of RMA Sport

A basketball system is more than just a court and a hoop.

Indeed, any basketball venue needs to include those components. However, it should also be backed by in-depth knowledge, craftsmanship, quality materials and structural integrity. Not all basketball systems in Australia are created equal and getting the best of the best requires hiring the best of the best.

Our Strengths

If you are looking for basketball systems installers in Australia, look no further than RMA Sport. For 20 years, we have supplied high quality sports infrastructure systems—not just for basketball, but for other sports as well. Here are some of the common basketball system issues that we help solve:

  • Structural reliability
    • When you install a basketball hoop—whether for a park, a university or a professional basketball arena—you need to have the peace of mind of knowing that it is going to offer years of excellent performance. Structural integrity and reliability are a problem when it comes to basketball infrastructure, and it’s one we solve at RMA Sport. Suffice to say that we have supplied systems for the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and other events at the highest levels of the sport. We know how to meet impossibly lofty standards.
  • Building to suit
    • Every basketball facility has slightly different needs. Some clients need roof mounted basketball systems that can be raised or lowered at will. Other clients need strong outdoor hoops that are strong enough to bear the brunt of Australian conditions and constant use. RMA Sport can supply basketball infrastructure for indoor or outdoor applications, always to suit the client’s needs.
  • Versatility and adjustability
    • It can be complicated to design basketball infrastructure for courts with shifting needs. What if you need a system to suit a regulation-sized court sometimes but play shorter dimensions at other times? RMA Sport can meet these needs with hoops that can be modified to suit the needs of the game at hand.
Basketball Systems Australia
Basketball Systems Australia by RMA Sport

What to Avoid

RMA Sport also excels at helping clients navigate around some of the most common basketball system mistakes. These errors might include:

  • Not getting everything they need
    • We don’t just provide basketball hoops, but also court surfaces, scoreboards, wall padding and more. We can give you everything you need to build a world-class basketball facility.
  • Not investing in maintenance
    • Our systems are built to stand the test of time, but care and repair still matter. We provide support in-house, to help you maximise the lifespan of your facility.
  • Not paying attention to sports trends
    • At RMA Sport, we are deeply committed to keeping up with the latest global trends in basketball infrastructure design. If you engage us, you will get a thoroughly modern design that is up to the standards currently in use at the highest level of the sport.

Whether you are installing a basketball hoop at your home or building a court for a new stadium, RMA Sport can help. Contact us today to get started.