Netball Court Construction Sydney

RMA Sport: Your source for world class netball court construction in Sydney

Are you planning a project for netball court construction in Sydney?

If so, your very first call should be to RMA Sport. With a 20-year track record spanning a variety of different sports—from basketball to tennis and netball—RMA Sport can help you build a netball court that is truly world class.

The Importance of Our Netball Court Construction in Sydney

When you choose RMA Sport to build your netball court in Sydney, we will provide two basic ranges of goal systems for your selection. Additionally, we can collaborate with you to develop the other aspects of your netball court, including the surfacing and the sideline player shelters.

For reference, here are the goal systems that we offer for netball installations:

  • Essentials
    • The Essentials range features netball hoops/goal systems crafted from heavy duty steel, hot dip galvanised to protect against rust and powder coated white to maximise visibility. These systems are incredibly robust and durable, and we install them to ensure stability (and cut down on wobble) on your court
  • Aluline
    • We believe that this range is ‘the most advanced netball system’ on the market. We make exclusive goals from an Aluline extrusion, which only RMA Sport supplies. The custom design reinforces the posts and gives them incredible durability while still rendering them extremely lightweight and easy to install. Like the Essentials range, these goals are protected against rust and are powder coated for visibility
Indoor freestanding netball post
Netball by RMA Sport

What Sets RMA Sport Apart Regarding Netball Court Construction in Sydney

In addition to RMA Sport’s indoor/outdoor versatility and our two high-quality ranges of netball goal designs, we also stand apart from the competition in a few other ways. Our points of differentiation include:

  • Twenty years of experience
    • We have been in this industry for 20 years and have a deep knowledge base when it comes to installing courts and facilities for all types of sports. We know what facility owners, coaches and players want regarding sporting infrastructure and have developed what we think are the best systems on the market to meet those needs.
  • Elite status
    • Over the years, RMA Sport has been tapped repeatedly to provide sporting infrastructure for the most elite events in sport—from the Olympics to the Commonwealth Games and beyond. International federations certify our products, and we are known for quality, function, safety, durability and more.
  • Our commitment to using the best materials
    • As you can probably see from reading about our Aluline range, RMA Sport is exceptionally devoted to using the very best materials for our systems. Also, we only work with premium manufacturers. These two factors combined help ensure long term usability for our systems.

If you are planning a netball court construction in Sydney, get in touch with our team at RMA Sport now. We’d love to talk to you about your project plans and tell you a bit more about what we can offer to increase the value and functionality of what you are building.