School Sports Equipment

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We are school sports equipment suppliers offering a range of high-quality options.

School Sports Equipment by RMA Sport

At RMA Sport, our selection of school sports equipment is high quality while giving you cost-effective options. We partner with leading sports equipment manufacturers and, with our knowledge of superior equipment, we provide clients with a range of sporting products and flooring options they can trust. With decades of experience in facilitating sports systems for various organisations, we assist education facilities with sports equipment solutions.

What You Can Expect

We provide schools sports equipment that is functional and innovative. For each client, we offer the following benefits.

  • Professional Advice
    • Our history of providing knowledge of quality and internationally-standard sports equipment includes successfully working with the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, football stadiums, and various other high-profile facilities. We have the experience to know which product offerings are internationally accepted and which perform well. We work with sports equipment manufacturers to bring innovative sports solutions to the general public.
  • Equipment to Suit Your Needs
    • By working as consultants and project managers, we engage with clients to understand their needs and sporting requirements. Our skills and our wide range of products ensure that each client selects equipment specific to their budget and performance needs.
  • Selection of Products
    • With our range of products, we can supply a school with equipment for a wide variety of sports, including outdoor and indoor equipment for popular schools sports such as netball, basketball, soccer, football, and hockey.
School sports basketball equipment
School sports basketball equipment by RMA Sport

The Importance of School Sports Equipment Suppliers

Finding a reliable and efficient supplier for your school sports equipment is essential to ensure your facility is always appropriately stocked. Here’s what to look for in your equipment provider.

  • Quality Products
    • Our products are manufactured to the highest standards. We collaborate with international manufacturers, providing equipment that puts safety first. Our offerings include FIBA, FIVB, FIFA, FIH certified and compliant systems.
  • Cost-Effective Products
    • We supply cost-effective equipment such as Essentials and the Aluline range to bring quality sports systems to schools at a competitive price. The Essentials range offers superior strength paired with innovation. Aluline is an alternative to steel products which have had limited safety and performance support. This equipment is light, easy to handle, and rust resistant to ensure it lasts.
  • Equipment Maintenance
    • We help you to make sure your new sports products will withstand constant use. We offer clients help with ongoing maintenance. Investing in regular service and maintenance of your sports systems from a trained technician will make certain that it continues to work well and as it was intended.

Why You Should Use RMA Sport

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in various sporting sectors worldwide. As an internationally-recognised supplier of quality sports and recreation equipment and flooring surfaces, at RMA Sport, we assist our clients in not just finding the ideal equipment but also how best to implement it.

Contact us today for advice and quality equipment to suit your schools sporting needs.