Lü — Interactive projection system

The Lu Interactive Playground is a 3D camera system that projects physical, and educational, games into a wall that turns into a touch screen surface that activate when detecting objects.

The applications the Lu produces are activities such as moving targets, multiple choice questions, or dance, and are constantly developing new games to the system that you can customize.

Each Lü system includes a high definition laser projector, a movement detection camera, a powerful sound system and a fully automated multi-coloured lighting system to create immersive magical environments.

  • A high definition 6000 lumens encased laser projector allowing for a 12 feet by 19 feet giant projection. This projection system can be leveraged for any purposes you wish.
  • A movement detection camera allowing interaction with the projection.
  • A complete multi-coloured LED lighting system with moving lights providing ambiance for Lü’s interactive content or any event of your choice!
  • A powerful 2400 watts, dual speakers high quality sound system
  • A microphone headset allowing to cast your voice on the sound system
  • An internal computer with device mirroring capacity