Senoh Volleyball

Senoh are the renowned official suppliers of the top level FIVB certified volleyball posts, meeting all governing standards. Through their long term partnership with the international federation, Senoh have a proud history in supplying all Olympic Games and major events from as far back as Tokyo ’64.

Senoh represents the undisputed peak in Volleyball equipment around the world, and—having worked with them since the 2000 Olympic Games—RMA is proud to be their official distributor in the Pacific.

Stepless height adjustment (1900 ⭤ 2430mm) allows for precise measurement, and is suitable for varying floor thicknesses. Engineered for versatility, systems are dust, water, and rust resistant—perfect for beach use.


  • Material (aluminium, carbon, steel)
  • Logo print on net

Lightweight design allows for a more accessible operation. Designed for durability, the carbon material is free from rust and peeling over long term use.

Manufactured from a cold drawing steel tube, designed specifically for volleyball. 3× stronger than general steel uprights.

Senoh DE1015 steel tubes have no welded joint, allowing seamless movement of the inner tube. Compare this to the uneven surface given by a welded connection, which can inhibit smooth operation.