Side Folding Basketball


A high quality side folding system, for use indoors or out. Designed for performance, strength, and durability. Can be wall mounted, or placed on a freestanding post. Suitable for a variety of installations, with a projection that can be extended or shrunk to fit.

Conforms to VSBA specifications

  • Fibreglass encased backboard for rigidity, ball rebound, and durability
  • Rounded backboard edge, to suit EN1270 regulations
  • Welded arms, which improves rigidity over bolted systems
  • Four hinge points on backboards and support, spaced to restrict movement, distribute load, and improve stability
  • Rigid diagonal arms can counter torsional dunk forces, and keep the backboard stable
  • Hot dip galvanised steel finish, for long rust-free life
  • Safe and durable solid double rings, with pigtail-less net attachments
  • FIBA certified, and conforms to EN1270 regulations
  • Fibreglass backboard
  • Cyclic load testing (fatigue testing) reaches 100,000 cycles from zero imposed action to the prototype cyclic test load
    • Test load is 1.2kN, applied downward at the face of the backboard
    • Permanent deformation is under 10mm, without cracks
    • Certified by a registered professional engineer, with procedure and results detailed

For detailed regulatory information, drop us a message.