Stadia Wall Mounted Basketball


A FIBA Certifed international level Basketball system for top level competition use, that conforms to VSBA specifications.

Featuring a glass backboard with lifetime warranty, Positive Lock spring loaded goal and backboard padding, the system is available for installations up to 4.5 m off the wall.

The system utilises a minimum of 6 connection points to the wall (increasing to 8 connection points for longer projection systems) to increase stability and minimise backboard reverberation. The arms are also all connected via steel braces to ensure they are strong and integrated at all times.

The systems are from Gared Sports and can also be fitted with height adjustment.

  • Hot dip galvanised steel finish, for long rust-free life
  • Safe and durable solid double rings, with pigtail-less net attachments
  • FIBA certified, and conforms to EN1270 regulations
  • Fibreglass backboard
  • Cyclic load testing (fatigue testing) reaches 100,000 cycles from zero imposed action to the prototype cyclic test load
    • Test load is 1.2kN, applied downward at the face of the backboard
    • Permanent deformation is under 10mm, without cracks
    • Certified by a registered professional engineer, with procedure and results detailed

  • Wall mounted systems fold sideways, and roof mounted systems are versatile
  • Electrically powered and remotely key operated
  • Electrically height adjustable backboard
  • Mechanically braced—and wall mounted system protrusion under 3.5m—as per FIBA rule 14.2
  • Positive locking rings (not fixed or un-controlled spring loaded)
  • Net attachment through tubes (not hooks)
  • Safety strap to arrest the system should a cable break

For detailed regulatory information, drop us a message.