Football (Soccer) Goals

Back in the late 1990’s RMA pioneered the introduction of aluminium Football goals into the South Pacific. At a time when the norm was steel or timber goals, the custom extrusion of our V1.0 safety goal revolutionised goalposts in this part of the world.

Aluline Goals

Aluline goals are made from a custom non-rust aluminium extrusion designed specifically for Football and have an effective wall thickness of up to 12 mm. This makes them much stronger and safer than off the shelf geometric aluminium profiles.

The advantage of the custom extrusion is that we can now recess the net hooks inside the profile of the goal posts so they are completely removed from the field of play and there can be no danger to players of passers by of injury.

RMA continues to be active in the research and design of these systems, and in conjunction with our European partners strive to continue to improve products available in this part of the world.