Choose from a range of Tennis Posts including Essentials budget Tennis Posts, non-rust Aluline systems and the premium Stadia Tennis Posts for top of the line installations.

All systems allow for a full post to post net attachment, and can be installed in ground sleeves.

RMA also supplies a range of high quality Tennis nets to suit our post systems.


Stadia Tennis Posts

Traditional heavy duty steel posts for top level competition. This system incorporates an internal drum winder system, and has rollers in the top for ...

Aluline Tennis Posts

Non-rust, low maintenance aluminium system with a stainless steel internal winder and removable handle. Supplied complete with sleeves and caps. The...

Essentials Tennis Posts
Essentials Tennis Posts

Standard steel Tennis net posts with black powder coated finish. These posts are also hot dip galvanised prior to their final finish for ultimate...

Mobile Tennis Posts

Mobile tennis net post system for multi purpose fields. Suppled complete with net, these systems have been designed with a height stamp to lift the...


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